Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lodge Talk Part Deux

Part of our daily routine here at the AMI Hodge Podge Lodge is wasting spending time doing this
 And this

It makes for some interesting conversations--for example:
Sam:    Are we going to blurt or not blurt this time?
(referring to our house rules about keeping the answer to oneself until all players have arrived at the correct response. Involves, but not limited to gloating, hand-raising, hints, groans and an occasional obscene gesture)
Me: No blurting, unless, of course you guys think we should blurt this time.
Everyone: OK, no blurting.
Me: First puzzle:
   6 letter word that follows each of these words
Everyone:  Pall?
Me: P-A-L-L
Sam:  What's that?
Me: It's something to do with death
Mom (explaining to Sam): Like a pall-bearer
Me: Way to give the answer Mom. We said "no blurting"
Mom: I didn't mean to give the answer--it just kind of fell out.
Me: Which, to the best of my knowledge, is blurting.
Mom: Not really, I wasn't trying to give the answer, I was just trying to explain what it meant. It's only blurting if you know it's the answer.
Me:  Sound of cork popping from wine bottle.

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  1. Gary told me about the GR picture (didn't seem good to spell it out) and hey! I solved the word warp pictured there! It was too easy but thanks! it was fun!