Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life on the beach

Mom and I are home alone while Louise and Sam make a run to the library and the hardware store. It's been a quiet, good day here. Here's the front of our house--I talked Mom into posing
It's nothing fancy. But we like the location and that it is all on one level--no steps.
This morning I went to the post office. As I put the car in reverse, there was a loud HONK! A small red car darted behind me. I wasn't even close to backing up and thought I had been victim of premature road rage. The junky red Jetta pulled into a parking spot and as soon as I looked at the license plate, it made perfect sense.
New York.
I stand guilty of license plate profiling. It happens a lot here. Just listen to the locals and read the letters to the editor in the island paper.

We are off to the Star Fish Company now....maybe I'll post pictures of our dinner when we get back.

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