Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Endings and beginnings

Partaking of the final garden feast.
 Kent and Sam cleaned off the garden last weekend and threw everything over the fence for Gene's cattle. It was still there Monday and Tuesday and I was afraid that Gene had moved the cattle back home.  But when I went by this morning, they were happily munching away and I think one of them may have even winked at me. He probably remembers me from the copious amounts of frozen apples I fed them a few weeks ago. I cleaned out Mom's freezer and it didn't take them long to recognize my little red car and come running when I slowed down.

 New Friends
This morning I heard Ms Bea's squeaky alarm quack ( the one she uses when a grand child tries to collect her egg before she's ready) and here was the problem. There were a few ruffled feathers but I think they are going to get along fine. Little Thing lets us pet him now and shyly enters the house for brief intervals. I think the cold weather may hasten his socialization progress.

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