Sunday, February 5, 2012

Car talk

A few snippets of conversation from our 4-day road trip
Me: "If I die before you, and you find yourself in the position of dating again, don't do that."
Referring to Sam's use of his Reach Access flosser while driving.

Me: "A lesser woman would have clubbed you over the head."
With gas prices getting progressively higher as we approached the island and the problems with the gas gauge and low fuel warnings continuing, I convinced Sam to pull in and fill up.When he returned to the car and handed me the receipt, he said, "Look at that price.It's five cents more than the price on the sign. That price is only for cash or their own credit card. No way I'm going to get ripped off." I looked at the receipt and he had purchased .239 gallons of gas for a total of $1.06. .

We stopped for lunch at the Star Fish company. I had a glass of wine. And then another while we waited for our food. The place was packed and it was two o'clock in the afternoon. But worth the wait for the freshest shrimp in the area.

We then proceeded to the island and filled up with gas--for an additional eight cents per gallon. After the wine and the shrimp, I was too sleepy to be irked.

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  1. I'll remember not to floss in the car in front of you... It's my favorite multitasking!