Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I wonder

why it is that I cannot cook, bake or even clean for that matter without making a mess. Look at this:

I'm hopeless..

Just think how it would look if I were actually making Thanksgiving dinner. This is just from baking 4 sweet potatoes, cooking 2 bags of cranberries, making bean soup and homemade bread for tonight's dinner and having  Harrison and Olivia this morning..
No, our dinner tomorrow will be courtesy of Jubas and Kent. For the past few years, Mom had treated all of us (mostly the people who had to clean up after me in the kitchen) to the catered meal prepared by Jubas. It is quite tasty and Kent's buying this year!
Harrison is napping now, Amber gets off at 1. In the time it took for the photo to load, I washed everything up and put the rest in the dishwasher.

And I think I hear Harrison waking up...


  1. Thank God for dirty dishes--it means we have food to eat!! Larry always says to me "how can you stand to cook with such a mess--oh well it does get cleaned up!! Maybe we "inherited this from our Mothers...

    Love Your Blogs--not enough lately!!

    Love, A. Lucille

  2. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with all the MN family and Kent.

    From the Georgia Noerenberg's, Ott's and Erika (home from Baltimore)

  3. Hi to all: Ingrid ended up being the hostess, as there were pressing home improvement issues which could be handled by capable men...Tracy was home alone studying, so we had one "Pilgrim" (the people you extend hospitality to) and the smoked turkey was wonderful, thanks to the Bohemian butchers @ Patak. O yes, Erika made a "to-die-for" vinaigrette for the roasted brussels sprouts (We prepared 3 lbs!) The pumpkin pies were exceptionally good - I had seconds and so did others. Only 2 kinds of cranberries. Lacy and Isabel have birthdays very soon, and "jellied from the can" is on Lacy's list of what she wants for her b'day dinner, I think. Missed you all. Wanted to be near enough to smell Harrison's hair and hug all the rest of you. Kent and I had the extended road conversation as he drove through Iowa. I am working on a digitally enhanced caroling experience for my "new" church. Love you More.

  4. I just caught the "funny" about "I wonder"...and the part "Why can't I clean without making a mess" and I think that is priceless...who can't understand that?LOL

  5. We had the last leftover mashed potatoes and gravy mush mixed with turkey gravy from the can (not bad! Campbells or Stokely, as I recall) last eve and with the cold weather coming in it was just right!!! time to have comfort food and the layer of fluff that keeps us from being chilled....

  6. ...the first instance of "gravy" should read "smoked turkey fragments"...