Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Sorry for the long lapse between posts. I'm having trouble with my laptop. That's only part of the story. Maybe someday I'll fill you in on the rest. I have a huge stack of paper in my office inbox and a comparable amount of email to go through so will have to make this quick:

It's only 2 pm and I been embarrassed, elated and efficient. Let's start with
Mom had a foot appointment in Blue Earth today at the senior citizen's center. Left her there at 11:18 am, dropped off a roofing proposal, then went to the license bureau, the food co-op, the vet , the printer, the vet (again), Kwik Trip and the dollar store. Returned to pick her up at 12:07 pm. She wasn't done. Used the time to read the paper. Took her for lunch at McDonalds--her favorite--chatted with a few friends, dropped her off and was at my desk by 1:13. Now I'm back here to fritter the afternoon away....

I've been missing my mobile broadband USB stick for almost 2 months now. Last Friday, I walked into *un-named local retailer*  to buy a new one.The owner, who I have secretly named "Crazy-eyed-Mike" looked me in the eye (sort of) and convinced me to give it a little more time saying, "I thought I'd lost my drill--just couldn't find it anywhere. So I went and bought a new one. Two days later, I found the other one."

I guess it must have been some kind of divine intervention--even though I was inwardly scoffing at his comparison between losing something as large as a power drill and a 2" x 1/2" electronic device. I resigned myself to a long road trip without surfing capability and left the store empty-handed.

This morning, as I was leaving to get Mom, I reached in my purse for some lipstick, grabbed a small  rectangular object from an inside compartment and pulled this out:
Thank you crazy-eyed-Mike--I owe you big time!

This morning I was finishing off a box of Trader Joe's granola while working in my office. I usually have it with yogurt but forgot to put a carton in my bag this morning. So I was just dumping it into my palm and munching on it at my desk.
The UPS man walked into my office as I was practicing some music on my keyboard. I jumped up and signed for the package and exchanged pleasantries with the young man who, I now recall, was staring at me intently.
When I went to apply the lipstick (see Elated), I flipped down the vanity mirror in the car and saw a huge crumb of granola plastered just above my  upper lip.

It looked a lot like a booger.

But I was so elated about finding my USB stick that it barely registered on the humiliation meter.

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  1. Okay, times are few and far between when I actually LAUGH OUT LOUD while reading. The booger story slayed me!

    Oh, and congratulations on the other two "E"vents.

    Thanks for a fun post.