Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't cry over spilled....

I can be a messy person. I am most certainly a messy cook. I believe I have a genetic predisposition that enables me to ignore a stray sock on the floor for an indefinite period of time. Until an internal switch flips and I cannot tolerate clutter or messiness in any form.

So, what I'm saying is, cleaning up after myself is as normal as checking for chin hair. But I do believe I've achieved a personal best for messiness today.

I was up early this morning and about to settle down on the couch with my coffee, my laptop and the TV remote. As I reached for the laptop, I knocked over the full cup of hot coffee and spilled it on my leg and the couch.

It wasn't even light outside yet.

Mom usually eats breakfast before we leave the house, but this morning I wanted to get going, so I packed up her breakfast of leftover pancakes, bacon and her daily glass of cherry juice along with her lunch.

As I was walking into her house carrying the lunch bag, I felt something cold hit my leg and looked down to see a trail and a puddle of cherry juice. I didn't have the lid on tight.

I quickly mopped up juice and hurried out the door.

I've been working at my desk and decided to put up a quick blog post.

About spilling.

And guess what happened

Do they make thermal sippy-cups?

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