Tuesday, August 18, 2009


He's obsessed, seriously obsessed. To his friends and family, he appears normal. But a few of us have recently become aware that this man is fixated on, yea even infatuated with, his boat wake.
Now, we've always told him he had a great wake and for awhile that was enough. But now he is determined to capture and preserve the ultimate wake video. In the process, he is propelling this large boat driverless at full throttle, while he experiments with camera positions, lighting and theme music.
He's also wreaking havoc on my cell phone memory. The first video he sent was lovely--a sweet greeting to me as he enjoyed an evening boat ride after a long day's work. Then there was another one labeled "sunset." But things took a nasty turn as an incoming photo message of grandson August generated the "MEMORY FULL" prompt.
I admit, I push my phone memory to the absolute limits. I don't like to delete photos. It's a perpetual delicate balance of pushing the limits of technology and preserving a great photo of the cucumbers from the garden.
But I digress.
I caught him watching boat wake video in our bedroom. He has shown it to our children, grandchildren and {shudder} even his mother.
The man needs help.

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